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What is 'The 2020 Project'

Welcome to The 2020 Project- audio works from 45North and Ellie Keel Productions with Atticist, The Hotter Project and The North Wall. A celebration of new voices, expanding forms and original work, The 2020 Project shares stories to spark your imaginative world, and connect while we are still separated.

The desire and drive to make work didn’t vanish in March 2020. However the possibility of sharing that work in our theatres did, and so we have pivoted our live work into audio.

The 2020 Project is our way of continuing to commission and showcase the work of exciting emerging talent, and to work with more established writers to create a platform innovative and exciting content. Five new plays from Luke Barnes, Mary Higgins & Ell Potter(The Hotter Project)(August 17 release), Tife Kusoro, Rafaella Marcus, and Margaret Perry (October 26 release) with more to come in the autumn, we are thrilled to share The 2020 Project.

About 'The 2020 Project'

We hope that The 2020 Project will keep theatre artists creating through the theatre shutdowns and that it will give our audiences a little bit of that connection we all miss sitting in a theatre as the lights dim and the audiences hushes. Jessica Rose McVay

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