Recognition [1:14:02]

Co-created by Amanda Wilkin and Rachael Nanyonjo
Written by Amanda Wilkin

Directed by Rachael Nanyonjo

Samuel: Obioma Ugoala
Song: Shiloh Coke

Original Music by Cassie Kinoshi
Sound Design and Editing by Tom Foskett- Barnes
Music Mixing by Olly Shelton
Piano by Deschanel Gordon
Violin by Fra Rustumji
Cello by Zara Hudson-Kozdoj
Co-produced by 45North and Ellie Keel Productions
Poster by Dorcas Madbadelo

In 1898, classical composer Samuel is hearing his Ballad in A minor being performed for the first time. Nervous.

In 2020, Song is staring at her composition. Nervous.

120 years apart their music meets the other.

'Looking him up… Has made me walk a little taller, into my music class, the last week. He was born in Holborn in 1875. Victorian London. Black Victorian London. Musical Black Victorian London existed. Ha. I’m gonna remember that - next time I go into a room and notice I’m the only Black person here.’

How do we honour the forgotten whose work was once celebrated? And who gets to decide the work that stands the test of time?

For an accessible copy of the script please email Casarotto Ramsay.

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