Season 2

As we launch season two of our Written On The Waves programme, we at 45North wanted to introduce you to some of the thoughts and concepts that have gone into both the programming and the development of pieces.

Having loved working with such sensational writers in season one, we wanted to push this season both in terms of the artists we worked with and the forms they worked in. This season encompasses work from playwrights you may already know(and some we know you will see again now that you do know them): Tabby Lamb, Eva Scott, Danusia Samal, Ava Wong Davies and Abi Zakarian, alongside American musician and writer Dessa and Sound Designer Nicola Chang.

We approached each of these lead artists within this season with the provocation 'what happens to you as a listener as you engage your other senses whilst listening to an audio piece?' They took off in distinct and exciting directions; drinking a certain cocktail while listening, baking from a new recipe, choosing your own adventure in a digital storybook... and more!

Thank you for engaging with Season Two of Written on the Waves.

Season 1

The Giant Pacific Octopus Maritime School
The You Play Volume Two: The Haunted Woman
A Passion Play
Lem N Ginge: The Princess of Kakos
The You Play
the gift
this is a man
we have sinned square

Written on the Waves

Welcome to Written on the Waves, a celebration of storytelling, which shares stories to spark listeners’ imaginative worlds, and enable us to connect with each other while we are apart.

In March 2020 many creative possibilities ceased, unceremoniously and indefinitely. After a period of recalibration, we pivoted to create an audio world of storytelling: Written on the Waves.

Season 1 is a co-production between 45North and Ellie Keel Productions which includes partnerships with Atticist, HOTTER Project, and The North Wall.

In Season 2, 45North wanted to introduce you to some of the thoughts and concepts that have gone into both the programming and the development of pieces.

How to support 45North

In line with our commitment to make our work accessible for all, Written on the Waves is available for free. In order to continue to do this, 45North needs your help!

If you enjoyed what you heard and you would like to support us in the continuation of this work, please consider donating below. Any amount goes a long way, and will allow us to continue to work with fantastic artists and creatives in bringing you exciting new stories.

About 'The 2020 Project'

We hope that The 2020 Project will keep theatre artists creating through the theatre shutdowns and that it will give our audiences a little bit of that connection we all miss sitting in a theatre as the lights dim and the audiences hushes. Jessica Rose McVay

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