T4T by Tammy Lamb [16:24]

Written by Tabby Lamb
Cast: Zachary Hing, Tabby Lamb
Sound design by Anna Clock
Directed by Jessica Rose McVay
Graphic design by Emma Hayden

Love, Gender and Myspace all collide in this short Rom-Com from Tabby Lamb, which explores what it was like to date as a Trans Person growing up in the early days of the internet.

LIFTED: A Trilogy of Audio Plays

LIFTED is a trio of short audio pieces by three exciting writer/performers we hope you're going to hear more from in the coming months and years - Tabby Lamb, Danusia Samal and Eva Scott.

The trio was a chance for us to explore three very different experiences and types of joy across three very formally different pieces - a theme we thought fitting to begin our second season of Written On The Waves, particularly as we take our first steps out of a year of lockdown and the difficulties that have come with it.

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