The Giant Pacific Octopus Maritime School

The Giant Pacific Octopus Maritime School [43:27]

Written by Jaclyn Backhaus
Directed by Jessica Rose McVay
Emma: Adjoa Andoh
Ilya: Sam Crerar
Guy: Andrew Gower
Priya: Amita Suman
Seema: Manjinder Virk

Sound Design and Editing by Elisheba Ittoop
Dialogue Editing by Laura Howard

Image by Jemima Williams

Commissioned and co-produced by 45North and Ellie Keel Productions

What's it like once the Earth's surface is uninhabitable? Well if you ask Priya and Ilya, citizens of a newly constructed underwater society, it's pretty boring. That is, until their discovery in the basement of their school catches the eye of the base's omnipresent AI system. The Giant Pacific Octopus Maritime School is an ode to what we will have left behind once we retreat to the depths of the sea.

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