‘Put it on the stove then.

‘Maybe he could help find the maiden.
Transform her back.’

‘He doesn’t care about the maiden.’

‘Yes he does.’

‘No he doesn’t.

You and me.
It’s just you and me.
Dad’s the —
He’s the king of this land.
The one who let it all —
Go to ruin.
That’s why there are dragons flying about and and and —
Maidens lost and turned into sea creatures.’

‘What about Sarah?’

Evil step-mother.’

‘I don’t —
She always takes me to get ice cream after school if dad’s at work.’

‘Oh, well, if she Gives You Ice Cream.

You’re too young to get it.’

‘I’m not too young.’

‘You are.’

‘Am not!
She stamps her foot.’

Case in point.’

I wanna call Dad.’

So we have to go hang out with your best friend?’

‘Mum never takes us for ice cream.’

‘Take the soup off the heat.
Let’s not talk about this anymore.
Cheese on top?
Or no cheese?’


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