‘Okay, fine.
Up up up!’

‘ The bird takes one corner of the covers and the girl takes the other.’

‘ On my count —
One, two, three.’

‘And together they whip the covers off the bed.
They whip the covers off the bed.
And it really is quite surprisingly cold!’

‘Told you.’

‘There’s only one thing to do.
Five jumping jacks.
They do them together.


The girl has to get dressed if she wants to explore.’


‘The bird springs into action from where it’s been cleaning its feathers.
It zips from the bedpost to the wardrobe and it tugs on the handles.
They open the wardrobe and a bunch of stuff falls out.
And the wardrobe is chock full of clothes, which fall on top of the bird, who is only just
able to get away.’

‘It’s a bit of a mess.

‘So the bird takes a deep breath and dives into the enormous mound of clothes.
And it unearths two options:
The young girl has a choice between an orange jumper and a blue jumper.
The orange jumper —
The one that makes her look a bit like a happy carrot —
(Even though she does not like carrots and will never eat them Ever Ever Ever, Even If
her lovely older sister has cut them up and put them in mashed potato for her Specifically
but Whatever I Guess —)
But it has small holes in the elbows.
Or the blue jumper —
The colour of cornflowers —
The ones the young girl used to see on the side of the road when they drove out to the
countryside to see Granny.
The jumper with holes cut out in the sleeves that you can stick your thumbs through.
Which one will she pick?


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