Nancy and Alex fell in love when they were teenagers. An exploding pig heart leads to a first kiss, shared secrets, comic books and Dido classics. Then it shatters. Ten years later they reunite and are forced to confront their past. Who hurt who, and who is holding on too tightly to that trauma?

Post-Mortem digs deeps into its protagonists to reveal the lies we tell ourselves. Fusing physical theatre and gripping new writing, Post-Mortem is an honest and comic look at young love and old trauma. From award-winning playwright Iskandar Sharazuddin.

Performance venues

  • Edinburgh Fringe, UK during summer 2019
  • The Blue Room, Perth Western Australia, 24 January to 1 February 2020
  • Holden Street Theatre, Adelaide, 12-23 February 2020

Performance time

  • 60 minutes without interval
Post Mortem – Ali Wright-77
Post Mortem – Ali Wright-58
Post Mortem – Ali Wright-33

Director's notes

First love has a way of staying with us, of defining our love lives, and the mythology we build around ourselves. Post-Mortem explores that mythology we build, and how these two characters continue to be defined by their first love.

Language, spoken and physical, reveal the characters deeper journey through love, loss, pain, growth, and some resolution. The physical language explodes what is left when language is not enough.

Creative team

  • Writer: Iskander R Sharazuddin
  • Director: Jessica Rose McVay
  • Set and costume design: Eleanor Bull
  • Lighting and sound design: William Alder
  • Photos: Ali Wright
  • Rehearsal Photos: Jack Parker


  • Alex: Iskander R Sharazuddin
  • Nancy: Essie Barrow


“The scenes cycle between dialogue, dance, and monologue, and in moods from humorous joy to morbid sadness. Every moment feels believable and as a whole fit together like a tile mosaic. Post Mortem was like eating a bar of dark chocolate, rich and sweet as young love with bitter notes of loss and grief.” – Mumble Theatre

“Jessica Rose McVay's direction does use familiar Richard Curtis tropes and that sense of charming, bumbling British awkwardness. The grounded dialogue is juxtaposed against expressive and passionate choreography and physical theatre. Far from being dead on arrival, Post-Mortem is smart, tender, and captivating.” – Edinburgh Festival List

“The bare bones are filled out in a script provides impassioned monologues and fast-paced dialogue combined with movement sequences, visuals, sound and evocative lighting. Along with the performers the team of director, Jessica Rose McVay, designer Eleanor Bull and Will Alder in charge of sound have transformed this simple plot into an intense exploration of romance and breakdown.” – Broadway Baby

“It’s a deft mix of light and shade as well as making intelligent use of physical theatre to bring out both character and story. Director Jessica Rose McVay makes good use of lighting to move us swiftly from place to place whilst also allowing the physical moments the time they need to play out fully. This is a refreshingly original piece that’s also accessible.” – Sue in the Stalls

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